The Team Ultra Foundation (T.U.F) is a non-profit charity founded by recording artist Zack Ultra in December of 2010 in Augusta Georgia. Zack started T.U.F with a passion and goal to help children and families who struggle with similar hardships as he did when he was a child. Zack Ultra’s father left him and his mother when he was three years old and was never part of his life after that, and his mother was wrongfully incarcerated when he was eight years old, so he experienced his child hood without the love of his mother and guidance of his father. Not to leave out; under the care of his grandmother and aunts, he also experienced financial troubles, as well as self-esteem issues because he was not like other kids. When Zack Ultra was nine years old a local church brought him some gifts as a donation from their annual Christmas charity event. So, when Zack was 18 years old he decided that one day he will start his own charity to donate toys just like the church did for him. 
In the fall of 2010 Zack Ultra decided not to wait until he was famous to start is charity foundation. So he created Team Ultra Foundation and his first charity event was the Zack Ultra Toy Drive, which has been ongoing for the past seven years. The Zack Ultra toy drive started off with donation boxes placed a various retail store locations between Augusta and Atlanta Georgia to now a concert charity event where attendees have to donate a toy or make a small cash donation to enter the event. All toy donations are donated to Safe Homes of Augusta and The Atlanta Children Shelter. The goal is to expand the toy drive throughout the United States within the next three to five years. 
Recently T.U.F has initiated the “you don’t have to starve” food donation charity where boxes of food are donated to help struggling family with their grocery issues due to financial hardships. Donating to the homeless, single parent homes where the parent struggles with bills and other necessities, and families where parents may be struggling due to loss of job and financial instability. The purpose of “you don’t have to starve” is to take the stress and worry away of wondering how the family will come up with the money for food and/or groceries. Now the family can focus on using the money rent/mortgage, utilities, transportation, or any other needs. The charity is very discrete at the moment because we don’t want people taking advantage if there is really no need. As of now T.U.F is feeding 3 households with “you don’t have to starve.” T.U.F looks to expand this program as we continue to grow and increase support. 
The Team Ultra Foundation will be starting two new charitable programs later this year and the beginning of 2019. One program will be to mentor you male kids and teenagers who are growing up without their father, nor any male guidance in their life. Second; will be a program to assist women and families who are suffering from domestic violence. Both programs are influenced by Zack Ultra childhood experiences, and he has a passion to help those who may be going through the same things he did. If you want to volunteer any ideas, services, or make a donation please email us at

If you like to make a donation to Team Ultra Foundation for any of our charities, please do so by clicking the "donate" button below.  You will receive a follow email and receipt with information on what your donation will be used for.  We also will send updates on your donation so you can see it was put to good use.